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Departemen Fisika

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The Physics department at IPB is one of the eight departments under the Facultyof Mathematics and Natural sciences at the Bogor Agricultural University. The department was established on September, 25th 1997. Although still young, the physics department develops very fast.

Located in the darmaga campus, the department consists of a three floor building. Darmaga campus is a big area of around 250 hectare and is located approximately 10 km from Bogor City. It takes about two hours driving from Jakarta to reach the Darmaga campus. The campus itself is surrounded by green and beautiful natural landscapes, supported by its unique building architecture, thus it is truly a comfortable place to learn.

Departemen Fisika

Departemen Fisika
The other campus is located in Baranangsiang which is at the center of Bogor. The baranangsiang campus is located across the famous beautiful Bogor botanical great garden. The botanical garden has collections of typical asia plants. In addition, the country palace is lcoated beside the garden.

The Physics department focuses on physics concept and its applications. It has three divisions: theoretical physics, applied physics and biophysics. The departments goal is to provide its graduates the ability to formulate physics concepts and applications related to natural phenomena and technology, and have sufficient skills to support their professional career.

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